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For over a decade, accessibility standards have been regulated by a voluntary set of Livable Housing Design Guidelines. Over that time, only 5% of new home builds have complied with these guidelines.

As a result, millions of Australians are unable to experience the benefits of well designed, accessible housing.

Every Australian would benefit from housing that accommodate life's many changes

Accessible housing design is good design that benefits everyone, at every stage of their lives.

Wider doors and hallways, stepless entries and open planning makes life at home more pleasant for everyone; from parents with prams, people with injuries, home movers and when visiting older relatives and friends with disabilities... accessible housing benefits all Australians.

A woman smiling, kneeling and holding a small boy close while pointing to a baby in a bassinet that they are both looking at
My own sibling built a new home, and I cannot access it. She did not mean to exclude me - the builder just didn't know what to do to allow for my disability.
- Survey respondent 2020

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